“I’m amazed with Real Madrid’s progress.”

Real Madrid‘s young defender, Raphael Varane has spoken with the media about his team and it’s success.

The 19-year old has “missed out” just one of 9 Real Madrid’s Champions League matches, and that prooves that he earned Mourinho’s trust and faith in him. In the last match, Real Madrid won Galatasaray 3-0, thanks to the attack, and of course the defence (Raphael Varane mostly). You can find yourself placing your bet on his team at Top Bet. The second match will be very interesting, despite the result in the first one.

Varane spoke to the press about him and his carreer in Real Madrid:

“This is a very important stage in my career and is great experience. It is a huge bonus for me to be playing and let us hope I can continue to advance,” he said for the press.

“Last year I was working on a day-by-day basis and never imagined such a quick advance into the first team, but I will continue working hard in order to continue to get better.”

“Galatasaray have no fear of playing against us. They are going to attack us and are capable of creating problems,” he said.

“That means we need to attack more than they do. We must look to create them more problems than they do us.

“We know Yılmaz is a good player, a great attacker. He is quick and very physical. We will have to be aware of him and his movements.”

“I am not nervous. I am aware of the pressure outside but I am focused on my task. At this level we have all to be focused because in any given moment they can create a problem, they can be very quick going forward.

“We have studied them. We will be looking to anticipate what they do. It will be an intense match and we will have to adapt to it.”


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